Relax and revive at MY Thai, where our mission is to make you feel better about yourself – both inside and out.

Traditional Malay Massage as is practised and performed in the Villages and Kampungs of Malaysia, has a long history as a relaxing and therapeutic technique amongst the Malaysian people.  Deriving its origins at the crossroads of a multitude of ancient Indian and Chinese massage techniques, Urat Melayu can be thought of as something of a hybrid between Shiatsu and Thai massage, without the pain or acrobatics required for either of these techniques.

Our therapists use deep-tissue techniques featuring long, kneading strokes whilst focusing on increasing blood flow through firm, yet gentle, pressure applied evenly to every part of the body, from the top of your

head, face, abdomen, and body all the way to the bottom of your toes. Often performed as a dry massage, therapeutic oils can be used to enhance healing and the efficacy of the treatment. 

Urat Melayu, it perhaps Malaysia’s best kept secret, and MY Tradisi is the first company in the world to raise the profile and build our business around this incredibly effective but little-known therapeutic system.  MY Tradisi are family wellness centres, which epitomises the wonderful Malaysian Hospitality, whilst also embracing Sharia principles and the use of Halal Oils and balms.

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The MY Thai outlets are an initiative V Ultimate Wellness, an award-winning pioneer and one of the most successful operators, within the Malaysian Aesthetic, beauty and slimming Industries. MY Thai realised there was an exciting opportunity in the market to create a brand of up market, yet family friendly Thai Massage centres. Centres where visitors are treated as guests, not customers, where they can relax and be pampered in a beautiful, hygienic and comfortable setting, yet at a price point which is affordable by all.. 

The MY Thai outlets sit alongside our other brands, DrNanoLabcel, Dermamaster, H2G Scalp Expert and Ava Clinic, to create a complete portfolio of businesses operating in the wellness arena.

MY Thai and MY Thai Express are set to offer something new and fresh to the Malaysian Massage Experience. 


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